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People Queue at Valley Target stores for Starbucks Stanley Cup

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) — Customers waited in the rain to acquire an exclusive Starbucks Stanley cup that became available on Wednesday morning.

Several individuals stood outside different Targets in Fresno hoping to obtain the latest edition.

“Because I’ve been gathering for about ten years, so my collection goes way back, and when my friends see my collection, they say, ‘I need one,’ So then I have to get them one,” expressed Chelsea Ayala.

The popular cups originally arrived in 2016, and were not very in demand when they first appeared.

Looking ahead to today, with the assistance of a video demonstrating a Stanley cup surviving a fire, the Quenchers’ popularity is anticipated to soar, potentially propelling Stanley’s annual sales to exceed $750 million in 2023. This marks a substantial increase compared to the $70 million in annual sales from 2019.

Here in Fresno, some queued as early as 2 o’clock in the morning to obtain the newest edition.

“I have to acquire the Stanley Cup, you know, once you start collecting one, you have to collect them all,” stated Michael Herrera, Stanley Cup customer.

Some were even coerced against their will to assist an eager friend, as stores only offered a limited number of cups and also imposed restrictions on the quantity that could be purchased.

“It’s just one per person, so you know I’m buying one, he’s buying one, they’re buying one,” explained Jonathan Montoya.

If you were not one of the many waiting in line on Wednesday morning, then you will require a lot of luck or perhaps some extra funds, as they are now being resold online for a hefty $159 dollars.

The Action News crew encountered the individual potentially waiting the longest, queuing up at 10 pm on Tuesday to make an addition to his collection.

“This is my third one. I obtained the peach one, the red one, now this is the pink one,” revealed Angel Valdez.

At present, neither Stanley nor Target have confirmed a restock.

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