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Warriors’ Gary Payton II to be out for a number of weeks due to hamstring injury

Golden State Warriors forward Gary Payton II is set to miss a number of weeks due to a left hamstring strain, sources confirmed to ESPN.

An official timeline for Payton’s return has not been provided, but a source indicated that his return is not expected to be swift.

On Tuesday night, Payton sustained the injury during the Warriors’ 121-115 victory over the Orlando Magic. This occurred as Payton attempted to navigate around a screen set by Orlando’s Paolo Banchero, resulting in an awkward fall and subsequent discomfort in his left thigh.

Following the injury, Payton immediately left the court and headed towards the locker room, displaying visible frustration and disappointment.

“He is a significant contributor to our team,” remarked Chris Paul. “His consistent energy during practices and games has been highly valuable. I sincerely hope that his recovery will not be prolonged. The top priority for him is to regain full health.”

According to The Athletic, Payton’s prolonged absence was initially reported.

Despite the fact that Payton’s return was not seen as a quick fix, the Warriors were hopeful that he would bolster their defensive capabilities, particularly as they anticipate the return of Draymond Green following his suspension.

“He greatly reduces the defensive pressure on us,” noted Klay Thompson. “Although we will undoubtedly miss him, our main focus is on ensuring everyone’s fitness and well-being.”

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