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FC Barcelona’s Human Rights Initiative Focuses on Migrant Narratives

FC Barcelona Champions Human Rights with Global Migrant-centric Initiative

As a tribute to the 75th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, FC Barcelona and its Foundation have initiated a global campaign called ‘The shirt with the most history’. This initiative notably highlights the experiences of migrants who wear the Barca jersey in their quest for better living conditions. It emphasizes FC Barcelona’s commitment to human rights and its dedicated endeavors to aid individuals in precarious situations, particularly focusing on children and the younger generation.

Barcelona’s Ongoing Efforts in Alleviating Human Suffering

Acknowledging the struggles of those in extremely vulnerable conditions within society, FC Barcelona’s initiative serves as evidence of the club’s dedication to providing assistance. The initiative amplifies the stories of migrants like Mamadou Día, a Senegalese individual who embarked on a perilous sea voyage to reach the shores of Europe in 2006, wearing a Barça shirt. It involves a display of a Barça shirt at Plaça Universitat in Barcelona, accompanied by a video presentation in New York and Tokyo. The initiative will conclude on January 8 with a significant event at the Barcelona port, featuring a structure resembling the symbolic profile of the Barça shirt, symbolizing the perilous journeys undertaken by numerous migrants worldwide.

Spotlighting the Foundation’s Global Endeavors

FC Barcelona’s initiative also sheds light on the Foundation’s continuous global endeavors aimed at aiding individuals in precarious circumstances. The Foundation’s work, particularly in areas of Education and Protection, Emotional Wellbeing and Health, and Community Action, utilizes sport as a tool for social transformation and for the transmission of values. Their dedication to the cause of migrants, refugees, and displaced persons is substantial, with global alliances with organizations like UNICEF and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). The Foundation has also implemented local programs in Catalonia to support vulnerable children and young people, while providing protection from violence.

FC Barcelona: A Holistic Entity Beyond A Football Club

While the club’s on-field activities continue to attract attention, with player Pedri taking additional measures to reduce the risk of muscle injuries and coach Xavi Hernandez emphasizing the need to concentrate on current players due to financial constraints, FC Barcelona’s off-field initiatives showcase their wider social commitment. The club’s dedication to addressing global human rights issues, its efforts to assist those in precarious circumstances, and its focus on the welfare of children and the younger generation, present a picture of a football club deeply embedded in the fabric of society, committed to effecting positive change and standing up for human rights.

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