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Jonathan Majors Initial Television Chat Is ABC News Good Morning America – The Hollywood Reporter

Jonathan Majors is slated to deliver his first discussion to Disney-owned ABC News following his recent conviction for careless assault and harassment. This transpired just last month.

Majors’ guilty verdict was handed down by a Manhattan jury on Dec. 18, leading to his swift removal from Marvel Entertainment — another branch of Disney — where he had a recurring role in films and TV as Kang the Conquerer.

ABC News anchor Linsey Davis will conduct the interview with Majors, scheduled to be aired on Good Morning America on Monday, Jan. 8. Additional segments will be featured on GMA3, and an extended version will stream on Davis’ ABC News Live program Prime later that day. IMPACT x Nightline will also present an exclusive half-hour special with unaired segments on Jan. 11, accessible only on Hulu.

Majors is not expected to serve jail time and may potentially contest the use of text messages in the case, as per attorneys who spoke with THR earlier. Nevertheless, his removal from Marvel indicates that his acting career is in jeopardy, given the high-profile role that is now off the table.

Conducting his first interview since the verdict and since the Marvel ousting, and doing so with another Disney-owned platform, may be perceived as an intriguing PR tactic. This could potentially involve him addressing his former employer’s decision to terminate his contract with them.

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