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Tips for Viewing ‘The Golden Bachelor’ Wedding Live Online

ABC’s massive reality dating show The Bachelor experienced a revival in 2023 with a focus on love in later life through The Golden Bachelor, the initial from the franchise concentrating on seniors seeking a second opportunity at love. The show featured 72-year-old Gerry Turner as the first “Golden Bachelor”, who was ready to reenter the dating scene following the passing of his wife Toni in 2017, and a group of 22 “golden ladies” aged between 60 and 75.

The first season of The Golden Bachelor concluded with Turner declaring his love for Theresa Nist, a 70-year-old widow and financial services professional.

According to Turner, courting in later life has a very distinct dynamic. He expressed, “In youth, the focus is more on meeting familial expectations and finding a suitable partner while building a career. In older age, it’s more about values, character, and how someone makes you feel. When I met Theresa on the show, her mere touch had an immediate calming effect on me. It’s a moment that I’ll always cherish.”

On the other hand, Nist mentioned that when she was younger, her primary concern when dating was whether she wanted to start a family with someone. However, her perspective has evolved now that she is a grandmother. She stated, “In later life, it’s more about the heart, soul, spirit, and integrity. I look for those qualities in a potential partner, along with self-confidence and assertiveness.”


Turner proposed to Nist during the season finale, and on Thursday, January 4, they will exchange vows in a unique wedding ceremony, officiated by former contestant Susan Noles. The entire event will be broadcast live to viewers in a two-hour special.

You can tune in to The Golden Wedding on ABC at 8 p.m. ET or stream the entire event on platforms such as Hulu+ LiveTV, DirecTV, and SlingTV. The episode will also be available for streaming the following day in full on Hulu and Disney+.

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