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Michael Bolton exposes undergoing brain tumor surgery, halting touring for a while

Singer Michael Bolton has disclosed that just before the holidays he had to undergo “urgent surgery” to eliminate a brain tumor. According to a Facebook post, he conveyed gratitude to his “remarkable medical team, the surgery was a triumph.” 

“Currently, I am recovering at home and surrounded by the immense love and support of my family,” he conveyed. He further stated that for the upcoming months, he will primarily focus on his recuperation and will need to take “a temporary hiatus” from touring.

“It is always the most challenging to disappoint my admirers or delay a performance, but be assured that I am striving to expedite my recovery and resume performing soon,” he expressed. 

Michael Bolton Performs At St David's Hall In Cardiff
Michael Bolton performs on stage at St David’s Hall on May 6, 2014 in Cardiff, United Kingdom.

Mike Lewis Photography/Redferns via Getty Images

The two-time Grammy winner had forthcoming tour dates planned for Florida, California, Ohio, Louisana and Texas before heading to Europe in the spring. 

“I am beyond grateful for all the love and support you have so generously shown me through the years,” he conveyed to his admirers. He mentioned that he is cherishing their positive messages and assured that he would provide updates soon. 

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