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Epiphany Celebrated by Arvin Community with Rosca de Reyes

  • Footage depicts “La Rosca de Reyes,” a Mexican pastry that is available during Epiphany, also known as “Three King’s Day.”
  • Epiphany is a Christian holiday celebrated on January 6th that commemorates the arrival of the three Wise men in Bethlehem to meet the newborn king.
  • Embedded in each Rosca is a baby Jesus—families take turns slicing the bread and the person who finds the figurine is tasked with preparing tamales on Candlemas.


“La Rosca de Reyes” is a traditional Mexican sweet bread that is popular among Hispanic-Christian Catholic households during Epiphany.

The Rosca is an integral part of the Christian holiday that remembers the journey of the three Wise men to Bethlehem to meet the infant king.

Sister Amal Grace, Director of Religious Education at St. Francis Parish, explained, “These three wise men brought three gifts to the infant king—gold, frankincense, and myrrh.”

She went on to elaborate that the gifts symbolize the adoration of the king as King, Priest, and Savior.

According to Lizette Gomez, Marketing Director for Vallarta Supermarkets, the store observes an annual increase in Roscas sold.

“Tomorrow morning, we will have customers lining up and these units you see here will all be sold out,” remarked Gomez.

She shared that last year, Vallarta Supermarkets sold 62,000 units across their chain, including 740 units in Arvin.

“Families slice into the bread and the lucky person who finds the baby gets to host a celebration,” stated Gomez.

This celebration commonly occurs on Candlemas, February 2nd—a Christian holiday that celebrates the presentation of the Lord.

The Rosca is available in various sizes and flavors, such as Mexican caramel, cheese, and guava.

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