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First Western New York dispensary approaching $5 million in total sales

BUFFALO, N.Y. —┬áIt’s almost half a year since Dank became the pioneer dispensary in Western New York to inaugurate and unlock its doors.

That’s not the only notable event on the horizon.

“At present, we’re on the verge of hitting $5 million in total sales,” stated proprietor Aaron Van Camp. “This far exceeds my initial expectations. I had foreseen revenues of merely half that amount.”

Van Camp expressed gratitude for the substantial support received from the Buffalo community since the opening, although there is a tinge of sorrow.

“It’s somewhat bittersweet to be here without (fellow licensee) Glen (Miller). We collaborated closely,” he remarked. “My girlfriend and his girlfriend exerted more effort than anyone we know towards this endeavor, and they were just a few weeks away from commencing when the injunction struck.”

Van Camp indicated that he and the majority of the other Conditional Adult Use Retail Dispensary (CAURD) licensees had been collaborating, but he managed to commence operations before a court order halted the industry for most participants until the conclusion of 2023. Miller was busy erecting the sign for East Leaf Dispensary on Clinton Street in Cheektowaga and is anticipating an opening this month.

“We were thrilled when Aaron initiated operations. It’s been challenging for me and my wife, Gina, but we’re persevering, and if all goes according to plan, we’ll be operational within the next two to three weeks,” said Miller.

Although the extended wait to finally open has been testing, Miller remains optimistic due to Dank’s remarkable success in the market.

“We are enthusiastic because we believe we can perform as effectively as Aaron. We simply need to commence operations, and we’ll soon ascertain what contribution we can make to our community. We are confident that we have everything under control,” Miller affirmed.

Van Camp emphasized that everybody supported him, so he endeavors to reciprocate the support to other establishments such as Premier Earth, which recently commenced operations on Hertel Ave in North Buffalo, and Puffalo Dreams on Niagara Falls Boulevard in Amherst, which is on the verge of opening as well. He is offering guidance on successful products, marketing strategies, state regulations, and any other relevant aspects.

“This venture has yielded tremendous rewards for me. My family and I never anticipated such an overwhelmingly positive reception, and I aim to give back and ensure that everyone is thriving and maximizing their potential within the program,” he declared.

Van Camp revealed that he has also shared his success with his employees, ensuring that most of his staff receive compensation ranging between $23 and $30 per hour.

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