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Halle Bailey Welcomes First Baby Son with Partner DDG

A new member has joined the world of Halle Bailey, bringing her immense joy!

At 23 years old, The Little Mermaid actress has become a mother for the first time, alongside her 26-year-old partner DDG, welcoming a son named Halo.

Through an Instagram post, Bailey announced the arrival of her baby boy, sharing a photo of her hand holding the tiny hand of her son, adorned with a gold bracelet bearing the name “Halo.”

“Even though we’re a few days into the new year, the greatest thing that 2023 could have done for me, was bring me my son.. welcome to the world my halo 🥰👼🏽 ✨the world is desperate to know you 😉🤣♥️,” she wrote in the caption of the photo.

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Bailey and partner DDG have been in a relationship for over a year. Their relationship was publicly affirmed on Instagram in March 2022 when the founder of Zooted Music record label posted on the R&B singer’s birthday.

Known for her privacy, the actress never confirmed her pregnancy throughout the duration of her journey to motherhood.

In November, Bailey responded to a fan on Snapchat who suggested that she exhibited “pregnancy nose” in a recent photo.

In reply to the comment, Bailey shared a video expressing, “Listen, if I see one more person make a comment about my nose, there will be consequences.”

“You know why? Because I’m Black. I love my nose,” she continued. “What are you concerned about my nose for? Leave me alone.”

In an interview with PEOPLE in May, Bailey discussed how her life has changed since she started dating DDG. When asked whether she would refer to him as her true Prince Charming, she responded, “Yes. I would say that.”

“The best thing about young love is that you’re able to continue exploring your own identity while loving someone else,” she explained. “You’re discovering new aspects of yourself and maybe things that you didn’t notice before about your heart.”

Halle Bailey and partner DDG.

Jon Kopaloff/Getty

In September, the actress mentioned that her upcoming solo album is influenced by her experience of “deep, deep love.”

“You know, you have puppy love experiences, you think that’s love. But this is my first deep, deep, real love,” the singer disclosed about her relationship with DDG.

“This has been a really beautiful transformative time for me. I have all this new material to write about,” the R&B star continued. “It’s like, What the heck did I just experience and go through? A whirlwind of amazingness. You never know what you’re capable of until you’re put through it. I was very creatively inspired, and then from there, I fell in love. And so I really just played with those themes in my music.”

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