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Kentucky Hoops survives Florida Gators: Final tally, 3 insights, and postgame celebrations

The Kentucky Wildcats triumphed over the Florida Gators in Gainesville on Saturday afternoon with a score of 87-85.

The game started off a bit messy for the Cats, but it turned into a back-and-forth contest as the Gators appeared to be unstoppable. The tie game soon turned into an 11-point lead for the Gators by halftime, with Florida ahead 45-37.

In the second half, Kentucky briefly took the lead before Florida surged ahead with eight consecutive points. Regardless of Kentucky’s attempts to regain the lead, Florida consistently thwarted them and extended their lead.

Kentucky persisted throughout the game and refused to let Florida take control. The Cats constantly kept the game close and fought back, making crucial plays towards the end. Reed Sheppard was exceptional from the free-throw line, sealing the victory for the team.

Antonio Reeves led with 19 points, closely followed by Sheppard with 14 points, five rebounds, and two assists. DJ Wagner contributed 14 points, three rebounds, and three assists.

Tre Mitchell secured a double-double with 12 points and 10 rebounds. Aaron Bradshaw scored all 10 of his points in the second half, including the pivotal 3-pointer in the final minutes that secured the win for Kentucky.

This victory holds immense significance for John Calipari’s squad.

Next up, the Cats will face off against the Missouri Tigers in Lexington on Tuesday night.

Basketball ball movement deficiency

Kentucky’s strength this year has been its ability to distribute and safeguard the basketball. Whether it was the team’s first true road game of the season or Florida’s exceptional performance, they deviated from their usual form in this game, concluding the match with only six assists compared to nine turnovers.

The Cats struggled with ball security and did not accumulate assists as they typically do. Despite scoring effectively, Florida’s length posed significant challenges for Kentucky.

Rob Dillingham, Kentucky’s dynamic player off the bench, had a particularly tough game, displaying a lack of control and effectiveness. His reputation upon joining UK was that of a crafty guard with a play style more akin to streetball than organized basketball. Although he had predominantly performed well this year, in this game, he appeared to revert to his style from AAU/Overtime Elite.

Kentucky needs to return to its fundamental strengths, and this game served as a valuable learning experience that fortunately did not result in a loss.

It is the most beneficial form of learning experience.

Kentucky’s ongoing defensive challenges

It’s no secret that the Cats have struggled defensively thus far in the season. Despite their offensive prowess, their defensive performance will become increasingly crucial as the season progresses, particularly during the NCAA Tournament.

Kentucky is struggling to halt opposing teams from scoring, and the anticipated improvement with the return of the big men has not materialized. The perimeter defense is lackluster, and off-ball defense is even worse. Kentucky’s players frequently become disoriented and struggle to support without compromising the entire defense.

The pace of play is undoubtedly a contributing factor. Opponents have more possessions and offensive flow, leading to a decrease in defensive energy. Another issue is rebounding. In the previous game, the Cats were out-rebounded by Illinois State, despite securing a 26-point victory; the Redbirds managed to grab 24 offensive rebounds.

Florida boasts exceptional rebounding abilities, granting lesser opponents increased possessions and scoring opportunities. In conjunction with the pace of play, opponents are significantly increasing their scoring chances against the Cats.

Kentucky’s primary strength lies in its ability to score during transitions. These opportunities are limited when the Cats struggle to secure defensive rebounds. A defensive rebound often leads to a swift outlet pass and a chance for quick scoring. Therefore, improvement in this aspect is imperative.

It must be acknowledged that the absence of Adou Thiero in the last two games due to back soreness (spasms?) has been felt. The team has missed his adaptability, athleticism, and resilience.

Importance of experienced players

Reed Sheppard is Kentucky’s standout player. Although the freshmen contribute significantly to the team, the presence of experienced players is crucial. Antonio Reeves and Tre Mitchell are indispensable assets to this basketball team.

Imagining where UK would be without Bob Huggins’ departure from West Virginia and Mitchell’s decision to transfer, or if Reeves had indeed chosen to transfer as rumored in the offseason, is a daunting thought.

Both players consistently deliver when the team needs them. Reeves has evolved into a well-rounded scorer this season, while Mitchell perfectly complements the team’s dynamics. He excels in shooting and capitalizes on mismatches in the low post position. Despite not being the biggest or strongest, he perseveres throughout the game.

Kentucky’s performance in this game was not exceptional. Florida largely controlled the game and effectively countered any momentum that Kentucky attempted to build. However, the Cats persevered and secured an important victory on the road.

Now, it’s time to celebrate! Go CATS!!

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