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The pope emphasizes the importance of prioritizing Jesus over ideologies

The members of the Catholic Church are urged by Pope Francis to prioritize God over their own personal ideas and plans, instead of segregating into ideological factions.

He emphasized the need to relinquish doctrinal ideologies to rediscover the essence of the Holy Mother Church and support its genuine calling.

Celebrating Mass on the feast of the Epiphany on Jan. 6, the pope stated, “We should embark on a new journey with God, seeking from Him the courage, strength, and joy to live in harmonious communion.”

During his homily, he stressed the importance of embarking on a journey of faith and becoming fervent seekers of the Lord’s presence and proclaimers of His Gospel.

According to Pope Francis, the faithful are called to place God at the center instead of segregating into factions based on their own notions.

Highlighting the example of the Three Kings, he pointed out that their adoration and focus on the divine serve as inspiration for the faithful today.

The wise men’s act of fixating their gaze upwards and their hearts bowed in adoration teaches a lesson on seeking divine intervention from the Lord.

According to the pope, fixating only on worldly matters results in life losing its light and significance.

He further expressed the significance of recognizing God’s presence in everyday life and encountering it through interactions with others.

Lastly, he underlined the importance of worship and adoration, which has regrettably been neglected, urging a rediscovery of the joy of adoration and acknowledgement of Jesus as our God and Lord.

During the Angelus, the pope encouraged contemplating Jesus, marveling at His humility, which he emphasized is not a waste of time but a means of giving depth to life.

He also prayed for Mary’s intercession, asking for increased love for the child Jesus and all children, especially those affected by conflicts and injustice.

While the pope and approximately 6,000 individuals attended Mass in St. Peter’s Basilica, thousands more congregated on the main boulevard leading to St. Peter’s Square for the traditional Epiphany celebration.

Vatican police reported that around 40,000 people gathered in the square to recite the Angelus at midday with the pope.

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