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Former member of the jury and legal representative offer thoughts on group’s assertions of fresh proof in Scott Peterson murder case

MODESTO — An ancient homicide case that commenced with a absent, expecting young lady in Modesto and concluded with corpses discovered in the San Francisco Bay currently has a different turn. 

It’s a demand for liberation for Scott Peterson. The infamous guilty slayer is over 20 years into serving a life imprisonment for killing his spouse Laci Peterson and their unborn offspring in 2002. 

Peterson’s situation has been embraced by the LA Innocence Project (LAIP), a collective concentrating on erroneous convictions. 

The LAIP has not unveiled precisely what new proof they possess, but their court records revolve around a break-in near the Peterson home at the period of Laci’s disappearance on Christmas Eve. They also mention a linked van fire, with the records affirming blood proof was harvested from the van at the period. 

Paula Mitchell, LAIP director and legal advisor for Scott Peterson, filed court papers in San Mateo county court on Wednesday, Jan. 17 intending for old case proof from the Stanislaus County District Attorney’s Office to be surrendered and for fresh DNA examination.

The ultimate objective is a fresh trial for Scott Peterson on the “assertion of actual innocence that is sustained by newly found proof,” the papers read. 

“I have never, never looked back and had any doubt as to his guilt,” Mike Belmessieri told CBS13. 

Belmessieri was one of the initial jurors that convicted Scott Peterson after more than five long months of trial in 2004. He says he has remained confident every day since in their verdict.

“The only time I lost sleep over the Scott Peterson trial was during the trial. That was wanting to be sure I got everything right in what I heard,” said Belmessieri. 

However, he says he is supportive if proof exculpates Peterson.

“If there is fresh proof and it sets him free, then that’s the way it goes, the way the system works, right? We don’t want to see someone unjustly convicted and sent to prison,” said Belmessieri. 

This is not the guilty killer’s first attempt for liberation.

Scott Peterson attempted fruitlessly to obtain a different trial in 2022. 

“Because Peterson has already been refused a different trial, how does it proceed?” CBS13 journalist Ashley Sharp inquired Sacramento defense counsel Mark Reichel. 

“If there is new proof that would make it probable he could be acquitted, or not convicted again, there is a chance he could get a different trial,” answered Reichel. 

He adds that in this scenario, fresh proof can also be old proof.

“That identical proof that was accessible wasn’t utilized at the trial or was utilized in the incorrect way. If you apply it this way, this way we think fits better now, it would result in a possible acquittal,” said Reichel. 

It’s a claim of innocence after over 20 years incarcerated.

The query now: will the truth set Peterson free, or will his demand collapse?

Scott Peterson’s ex-attorney Pat Harris informed CBS13 in a report, “We are very thrilled to have the exceptionally skilled attorneys from the LA Innocence Project lend their substantial expertise to aiding establish Scott’s innocence.” 

Scott Peterson has upheld his innocence since day one. 

CBS13 questioned the LA Innocence Project for an interview on their involvement in the case, they responded solely with a statement reading, “The Los Angeles Innocence Project represents Scott Peterson and is scrutinizing his assertion of actual innocence. We have no further comment at this time.” 

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