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Winging It: Chicken Soup Add-in Sauce — Bills Vs. Chiefs, Divisional Round

Regulars at Buffalo Rumblings understand the routine. But for the new followers of Buffalo Bills joining us, we cover more than just football here. Need something thrilling for this week’s game day menu? Winging It presents a themed recipe for each regular-season and postseason Bills game. Just like this one…

Let’s be clear – this recipe is for the add-in sauce, and you’ll need your own recipe for chicken noodle soup. I’m a strong admirer of add-in sauces for things like soups because they enable you to prepare a large quantity of the base food and allow everyone to personalize their own experience. I also appreciate the add-in sauces as, if you’re not in the mood for soup, you can simply coat some wings in the sauce and call it a day.

For those of you heading to the game, this recipe will work wonders to quickly warm you up. Prepare it the day/night before (it’s quick, trust me), and bring it along as an addition to your game-day meal spread. Whether as a soup complement, condiment, or even an add-in sauce for your main course — this one has you covered.

If you’re a regular tailgater, you probably already have the setup to heat liquid food. If not, all you’ll need to bring along is a pot to contain the amount of soup/add-in sauce you intend to serve and a heating element: consider a table-top camping stove, fuel for the stove; or grill, etc. Warm it up, serve, and watch your group demand to know your secret.

Chicken Soup Add-in Sauce

Serves: Variable, but a small quantity can flavor an entire pot of soup
Active Time: 15 min
Total Time: 20 min


2 Tbsp unsalted butter
1 clove of garlic, crushed or minced
3 Tbsp Frank’s RedHot® Dill Pickle Naturally Flavored Hot Sauce (see substitute suggestion below)
1 tsp of your preferred piquant sauce, I’m a strong admirer of the Melinda’s brand sauce

You’ll require: Soup already made, small saucepan

  1. Melt butter on MED-LOW in the saucepan.
  2. Incorporate garlic; stir for about 2-3 min.
  3. Blend in hot sauces; remove from heat.

Winging It Tips and Preparation Gallery

2023 Wingin It Divisional round Buffalo Bills Kansas city Stir in sauce

There aren’t many tips for this, but trust me, a small amount of this will greatly enhance the flavor of your soup. As for tips, if you can’t find the Frank’s RedHot® Dill Pickle Naturally Flavored Hot Sauce, I would recommend using the standard Frank’s and adding a tsp of dill weed and another tsp of dill pickle juice.

I felt like I was taking a bit of a risk by going heavy on dill with chicken noodle soup, but it paid off. I will completely vouch for this flavor combination.

As a final note, you may be wondering, “Hey Skare, where are your noodles?” I used tiny star-shaped pastina. Hopefully, the stars for Buffalo will align just as they did in our soup.

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