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Rickey Smiley speaks out on Katt Williams’s remarks to Shannon Sharpe: ‘Truthful I was’

Shannon Sharpe’s “Club Shay Shay” podcast on Wednesday saw Katt Williams criticize Rickey Smiley for remarks he made regarding “Friday After Next,” the comedic sequel in which both appeared alongside Ice Cube in 2000.

Williams, who made his debut in the film, disapproved of Smiley’s assertion that their roles in the movie were initially meant to be swapped.

Ultimately, Williams landed the role of Money Mike while Smiley portrayed Santa Claus.

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“This individual communicated that he was going to have Katt Williams’ part. He was set to be Money Mike, and Katt Williams was going to be Santa Claus,” Williams stated, as per a report in USA Today.

“We tried out in Los Angeles. I was aspirant No. 201. Two-hundred Black comedians endeavored for the role of Money Mike with me. Are you insinuating that all 201 of us auditioned, and you already possessed the role and had already filmed the role in four days?”

On The Rickey Smiley Morning Show on Thursday, Smiley told his radio audience he was initially intended for the role of Money Mike but now thinks Williams was a superior choice in retrospect.

“I had no motivation to deceive about that,” Smiley expressed.

“They included that entire pimp aspect to that character, which was certainly a wiser decision and rendered it more amusing,” Smiley mentioned about Williams’s portrayal as Money Mike. “There was absolutely no way I could have pulled off that role in the same manner and I’m relieved that they made that choice.”

“Personally, the pimp character appealed to me more,” Smiley expressed, “however, the Santa Claus role suited me perfectly.”

Williams also conveyed to Sharpe that he had a stipulation in his contract stipulating that he would only collaborate with Smiley if he was attired in feminine clothing for his roles.

Smiley has frequently depicted Bernice Jenkins, a comedic persona where he embodies a grandmother, often while reading out church announcements. The character originated from prank calls on 95.7 Jamz, Smiley affirmed.

“Now, what was Rickey Smiley’s subsequent movie? Was it ‘First Sunday’? Did he sport feminine clothing in it? Absolutely. It’s stipulated in my contract.” Williams declared. “That’s where he’s a believable actor. Him and Tyler Perry cannot portray a man to save their life. They excel at portraying women.”

Smiley stated that his forthcoming portrayals as Bernice Jenkins “had nothing to do with Katt Williams’s stipulation.”

Enumerating other Black comedians who have performed dressed as women “for the sake of humor,” Smiley stated “that has nothing to do with my masculinity being diminished for attempting to portray a role and provide for my family.”

Smiley indicated that he was “dismayed” that he had to provide the explanation.

“It saddens me at the way it made my children feel,” he expressed about Williams’s remarks.

Smiley proceeded to urge his audience to purchase tickets for Williams’s upcoming performances in Birmingham and Huntsville.

“We wish Katt Williams nothing but success,” Smiley vocalized.

Smiley expressed that the comments came at a “precarious time” as he and his family are grappling with the approaching one year anniversary of the passing of his son, Brandon.

“I’m not attempting to elicit sympathy with this, I’m merely articulating that I’m dealing with things,” Smiley communicated.

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