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Live CES 2024 Blog: Additional Updates, Pictures, and Videos From the Major Tech Event

Considering the array of outdoor equipment on display, it’s regrettable that a significant amount of time is spent within artificially lit convention halls. Therefore, the opportunity to temporarily leave the Vegas Strip for a Bosch test ride with a variety of Bosch-powered electric bikes from different brands such as Riese & Muller, Gazelle, Trek, and Tern, utilizing the company’s electric drivetrains, was greatly welcomed. I accompanied a group of reporters to Red Rocks Canyon National Conservation Area just outside of the city.

The focus was on Bosch’s e-cargo and SUV bicycles (I was riding Trek Fetch+ 2, although I also tried out several other models). One of the most remarkable updates to the Bosch eBike system was the Auto eShift system, which automatically adjusted power output to match my exertion level and speed. While impressive, it requires some acclimatization. I paused on an incline to reposition my phone in its mount and was astounded by how effortless it was to resume pedaling; I also found myself frequently adjusting the gears, puzzled by how relatively easy it was to ascend a trail with a 1,100-foot elevation gain.

The seamless integration with the upgraded Bosch eBike Flow app was also quite appealing. I linked my bike to the app and affixed it to the handlebars, which charged my phone using the bike’s battery. Convenient buttons on the handlebar allowed me to effortlessly navigate through the screens, and the app is also compatible with other prominent health and fitness platforms and equipment—enabling the exportation of data from the Bosch app to platforms like Apple Health or Strava, for instance. Given the numerous software enhancements, it was challenging to focus extensively on the bikes themselves.

It’s important to emphasize my acceptance of all software updates, as long as the biking experience remains unaltered: thoroughly enjoyable, zooming through picturesque hills under the desert sun. Certainly, there were spontaneous shouts and cheers as we raced along, and not all of them were mine. At one point during the ride, Bosch general manager Claudia Wasko turned to me with a broad smile and exclaimed, “This is work!” And indeed it is! The most enjoyable work conceivable.

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